2en1 Bag Reversible flap bag 20x20cm Double sides: one side with print and another one in plain
Details: - Oval leather bagbelt - Zipper closure - Available with print or plain Dimensions: 32x21 cm
Details: - Available with solid color or print cover - Different colors in each bag - Additional pocket inside - Magnet closure - Adjustable handle Dimensions:...
Details: - Magnetic closure - Long ajustable strap for cross-over wear - Small zipper poquet inside - Printed flap Dimensions: 21x15cm
Reversible flap: One part with print, another one without 20x18cm
Details: - Zipper closure - Zipper pocket on the back Dimensions: 25x12 cm
Details: - Magnetic flap (available in animal print or plain color) - Long adjustable strap for cross-over wear - Extra pocket with zipper inside - 3 compartments...
Details: - Medium leather bag - Available only with plain leather - Extra long strap - Zipper closure Dimensions: 27x21cm
Details: - Magnetic flap - Long ajustable strap for cross-over wear - 3 compartiments inside - Extra pocket inside - Composition: multicolor leather Dimensions:...
Reversible flap bag double sides: one with print, another without
Details: - Shopper bag - Magnet closure - Extra long detachable strap - Small clutch detachable bag included - Available only in plain color Dimensions: 45x32cm
Details: - Magnetic printed flap - Long ajustable strap for cross-over wear - Extra pocket inside - Composition: multicolor and printed leather Dimensions:...
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